Why waste more?

The FAO says that in industrialized countries, between 30 and 40% of food production is wasted. In such countries, more than 40% of this waste occurs at the retail or at the consumer level. Very often the discarded products are still packed…

These losses at the consumer level cause unnecessary overproduction and demand more crop land than we really need. Thus, entire regions rich in biodiversity are devastated to produce more food. At the same time, about one billion people on Earth cannot get enough to eat.



Many governments and organizations launched campaigns against food waste and many reports and articles appear daily in the press. Many ideas have already emerged aiming to raise consumer awareness about this problem and allow it to be an everyday player in the fight against food waste. We also wanted to bring up our ideas.

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freedge, a fridge sharing mechanism &

eatmenow, an app that tells users when their food is going to expire, using information coming directly from the retailers.


More info about food waste:


(Source: http://www.foodwastenews.com/facts-infographics/)