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The freedge is a network of community fridges that aims to reduce food waste and promote community building through food sharing at neighborhood level. This wiki aims to provide and generate information to freedgers (freedge hosts) and users on legal issues, food safety, freedge design, installation and location, etc...

A community fridge is a place where members of a neighborhood can share food and ideas. Anyone can take or leave any food item in it (considering it is in good condition of consumption). The ultimate goal of freedge is not to install a few isolated community fridges, but to encourage local actors around the world to install community fridges in their neighborhoods and become part of the freedge network.

How to use the freedge

(written in second person so the reader feels in the role of a potential freedge user)

Feeding the freedge

1) Before leaving for the weekend or when coming back from grocery shopping you see your fridge full of things that will probably spoil in the coming days.

2) There are many vegetables and fruit trees in your garden and you don’t know what to do with all that produce.

3) You work at the farmer’s market and at the end of the day you find yourself with many unsold vegetables that will probably be thrown away.

4) You just had a dinner party at home and have too many leftovers.

5) After a conference at school or meeting at work there is a lot of food left and you can’t take all of it back home.

Don’t know what to do with all your food and don’t want it to go to waste? Bring it to the freedge!

Enjoying food from the freedge

1) Planning a grocery run? Have a look in the freedge before you go. Maybe the ingredient you need is there waiting for you.

2) Your fridge is empty and you are hungry, but feeling lazy to go grocery shopping. Maybe the freedge has just what you need.

Ever find yourself in one of these situations? The freedge is made for you.


A first freedge was installed in Davis-CA in October 2014. During the test phase 122 food items were exchanged over 29 days of operation, an average of about 4 items per day. In December of the same year a space dedicated to book-exchange was added. Due to legal reasons, the Davis freedge was shut down for 10 months in 2015 and came back to operation in November. Also in 2015 two more community fridges were installed in Cali, Colombia and Engenheiro Coelho-SP, Brazil. Similar projects were reported to be happening in other countries, such as Germany, Belgium, Spain and Saudi Arabia.

Expansion plans

The freedge network is currently being expanded in 9 different locations: West Davis (Davis-CA), Denver (CO), Washington(DC), Merced (CA), TadeoLab in Bogotá (Colombia), Bauru (Brazil), Araraquara (Brazil), Instanbul (Turkey) and Bagnolet (France). These locations were identified by freedge's local partners (freedgers) that expressed interest in hosting a freedge.

Local networks: Freedgers are also encouraged to create local networks such as the Yellow fridge in Romania. Yellow fridge is currently planning to start community fridges in Cluj and Bucharest.

Freedge yourself!

Want to become a freedger? See here how to put yourself on the freedge map.

To join the freedge network, Visit the freedge website.

Wiki stuff

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