March 10, 2016

Find a Freedge

We are not alone! Browse the map below to find other community fridges around the world, or check our community fridge database!

Do you have an operating community fridge that is not on the map? Fill this form and put yourself on the freedge map!

No freedges in your area? Freedge Yourself!

Other free food maps:


Freedges we installed:

North America:

Davis, CA   /  UC Davis Freedges

The Solar freedge [now in Oakland!]

The Castlemont Freedge

Davis Food Co-Op

The NYU freedge – New York, NY

FoCO freedge – Fort Collins, CO

The CSU freedge – Fort Collins, CO

The (N)ice box – Saskatoon, Canada

UMN’s hi-tech freedge – Minneapolis, MN

South America:

Geladeira solid├íria – Cascavel, Brazil

freedge Henrique Lupo – Araraquara, Brazil

Geladeira do Cora – Araraquara, Brazil

Valinhos, Brazil


Bratislava, Slovakia – The FREEdge team in Central & Eastern Europe

No Longer Active:

Washington, DC

Engenheiro Coelho – SP, Brazil

Cali, Colombia

The Garage Cafe in Davis – CA

Le freego de la Prairie – Bobigny, France

If there is a freedge on our map that is no longer active (or has moved locations) please email: