Freedge in the News

US & Canada

Al Jazeera: Tackling US food insecurity while catalysing marginalised voters

BendSource: ‘Take What You Need, Give What You Can’

Billings Gazette: Four community fridges to be installed in Billings to address food insecurity

Boston Globe: To combat hunger, neighbors are stocking community fridges on Boston’s streets

BuzzFeed: How 5 Kinds Of Mutual Aid Projects Are Helping People Get Through The Pandemic (And How You Can Get Involved)

CBS News: Communities stock fridges full of free food to help the 54 million Americans facing food insecurity

Consumer Reports: How Community Fridges—’Freedges’—Help Feed America

Dwell Magazine: How Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Change the Way We Eat?

Eastsider LA: East Hollywood street fridge provides cool storage for free food

Eater: Give Some, Take Some: How the Community Fridge Fights Food Insecurity

Fox News: Free-Food Fridge Movement Helping Struggling Communities | NewsNOW from FOX

Good Men Project: How Plant-Based Community Fridges Are Providing Access to Free Food

Food Network: What Is a Community Fridge and Is It Safe?

FreeThink: “Community Fridges” Are Helping Fight Food Insecurity

LifeHacker: Start a ‘Friendly Fridge’ to Feed Your Neighbors

Mashable: Everything you should know about community fridges, from volunteering to starting your own

New York Times: See That Fridge on the Sidewalk? It’s Full of Free Food

NPR: Freedge Movement: Grassroots Efforts Fight Food Insecurity With Free Refrigerators

ShelterForce: Community Fridges Provide Vital and Visible Relief in the War on Hunger

Spectrum News: LA Community Fridges Spreading, Providing Food to People in Need

Today: What are community fridges? Inside the effort to reduce hunger amid COVID-19

TreeHugger: Community Fridges Are a Grassroots Response to Food Insecurity

Vox: Community fridges are lifelines for the neighborhoods they serve

Washington Post: Tired of waiting on the government, hungry Americans turn to one another for help

WHYY: Free, healthy food and some gourmet treats in Wilmington’s community fridges

US & Canada, Pre-2020

Land & Laddle: Meet Ernst Bertone of The Freedge, A Community Food-Sharing and Food Waste Prevention Solution in Davis and Beyond

TreeHugger: What Is a Community Fridge? Think Little Free Pantry With Electricity

The Sheaf : Food for thought: An activist’s journey to sustainable food sourcing in Saskatoon

Global News: (N)Ice box set up in Saskatoon

Washingtonian: This Outdoor Refrigerator in Petworth Might Reduce Food Waste 

Borderstan: Newly Built ‘Freedge’ in Petworth Dispenses Gratis Grub to All

PoPville: Behold the Free”dge”

The Huffington Post: Spanish Town Installs Communal Fridge To Fight Food Waste 

eecosphere: Stop Wasting Food, Start a Community Fridge

TakePart: Community Fridges: The Little Free Library of the Food World

KCET: A Communal Fridge Should Not Be Shut Down

Sacramento Bee: UC Davis students: My fridge is your fridge – until the health department shows up

Davis Vanguard :

Food Waste and Greenhouse Gases 

Food sharing article gains traction

CBS 13 Sacramento:

Unlawful Fridge? Yolo County Shuts Down Communal Refrigerator In Davis Yard

Free Community Fridge Idea Taking Hold In Davis

Capital Public Radio: County Officials Condemn Public Fridge


G1 – Campinas e Região: Casal instala geladeira comunitária em avenida de Valinhos e ação viraliza na web

CBN Campinas: Por solidariedade, casal disponibiliza geladeira comunitária para pessoas carentes em Valinhos

Correio Popular: Solidariedade cria geladeira para todos em Valinhos

O Imparcial: Água nos trilhos – geladeira para todos

SBT: “Geladeira comunitária” é uma novidade que promove a solidariedade e evita o desperdício na cidade de Araraquara.

ACidade ON:

Geladeira comunitária é retirada temporariamente após briga entre moradores de rua

Geladeira comunitária reduz desperdício e ajuda o próximo em Araraquara 

Geladeira comunitária completa 1 ano atendendo pessoas carentes de toda Araraquara

Araraquara ganha geladeira comunitária para atender pessoas com câncer

Geladeira Comunitária deixa de funcionar após quase dois anos

G1 – São Carlos e Araraquara:

Amigos criam geladeira comunitária para reduzir desperdício de alimentos

Geladeira comunitária para pacientes com câncer é inaugurada em Araraquara